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The TINE Group has more than 110 brands in Norway. Most of them are dairy products made from Norwegian milk, but the Norwegian range also includes juice products, ice cream, ready meals, margarines and desserts.

On an international level, the TINE Group has subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, the US, the UK and Ireland.

Milk is at the heart of everything the TINE Group does. Tinemelk® is one of Norway’s most familiar brands and is hugely valuable to TINE. Milk consumption has declined over the past few decades. Therefore TINE is constantly seeking new ways to use its raw material and adapt its product range according to the wishes and needs of consumers. TINE is using innovation to gradually reduce sugar levels in the products we eat every day without altering the flavour. Our aim has always been to offer good alternatives and make it easier for people to choose products containing less sugar, whether these are everyday products or little treats that enhance a Saturday breakfast or a celebratory meal.

Here are some of our new products for 2018 in Norway and other countries:

New products for 2018

TINE Yoghurt Nyt Lakris

TINE Yoghurt Nyt Lakris is one of a number of tasty variants in the Nyt range. This yoghurt contains natural liquorice and comes in dual cartons with liquorice and raspberry sprinkles.

Piano® Sjokoladepudding UTEN tilsatt sukker

Piano® Sjokoladepudding UTEN tilsatt sukker is sweetened with sweetener and contains 30 per cent less fat than other chocolate puddings.

YT® Proteinpudding

YT® Proteinpudding and YT® Proteinshake are perfect for when you want a small, quick meal with a lot of protein. Like the protein shake, the pudding has no added sugar. It is also lactose-free.

Sprett® yoghurt

Sprett® yoghurt, Norway’s bestselling yoghurt for children, comes in a pouch. All Sprett variants are lactose-reduced and come with added vitamin D, and they contain no sugar or sweeteners.

Norvegia® Lettost 16 % fett Staver

Norwegians are eating more and more cheese, even when we are on the go. Norvegia® Lettost 16 % fett Staver, Jarlsberg® Original Staver and Norvegia® Original Staver cheese sticks are perfect for packed lunches, as evening snacks or if you feel a bit peckish.

Tinemelk® med kaffe og kakao

Tinemelk® med kaffe og kakao is a healthy milk containing coffee and cocoa that is easy to drink, has a low fat content and contains absolutely no added sugar. It contains natural sugar from the milk. It is also lactose-reduced and comes with added vitamins D.

Gryr® Til Matlaging kokos og raps

Gryr® is the first plant-based cooking product on the Norwegian market that can be used for preparing hot food and whipped into a cream. This product is based on coconut and rapeseed oil and has a neutral flavour.

TINE Kefir Økologisk Skogsbær

TINE Kefir Økologisk Skogsbær (organic wild berry), is the first flavoured kefir produced by TINE and the first new Kefir product in 50 years.

TINE Mager Cottage Cheese & yoghurt

TINE Mager Cottage Cheese & yoghurt is made from 70 per cent cottage cheese and 30 per cent yoghurt, making it much juicier and fresher than ordinary cottage cheese. This product contains 2.4 per cent fat and 10 per cent protein.

TINE Lett piskbar fløte

Finally, a light and whippable cream product. TINE Lett piskbar fløte contains 34 per cent less fat than ordinary cream. This is a long-life product, so it is a handy product to keep in your fridge in case you need it.

Tinemelk® med bringebær fra Vik i Sogn

Tinemelk® med bringebær fra Vik i Sogn is a healthy milk containing raspberries that is easy to drink, has a low fat content and contains absolutely no added sugar. It contains natural sugar from the milk and berries. It is also lactose-reduced and comes with added vitamins D.

TINE Alpeost

TINE is launching a new cheese wheel for the first time in over a decade. TINE Alpeost is a full, fruity, flavoursome cheese with crystals and a long, aromatic aftertaste. This product is only available in Meny stores.

Diplom-Is AS

Royal Hjerte

The sweetest new product this year is perhaps the extension of Royal from Diplom-Is; Royal Hjerte. This is a chocolate ice cream on a stick with a heart of raspberry sorbet, dipped in a crispy shell of milk chocolate.

Wanted Brownies & Caramel

This chocolate ice cream in the Diplom-Is Wanted series contains little pieces of brownie and salty caramel sauce in a krumkake biscuit.

Fruitero Bringebær & Jordbær

Smoothie on a stick. Fruitero is a raspberry and strawberry sorbet containing 50% berries – and just 72 calories.

Fjordland AS

Fjordland til Familien

After 20 years of single portion dishes, Fjordland is finally launching its first family dinner. This initiative has been dubbed Fjordland til Familien – Fjordland for the Family – and is made up of a range of tasty, quick dinners for two or three people.

OsteCompagniet AS

Fryd Gouda Urter

Fryd Gouda Urter is a Dutch gouda with a mild flavour. It comes with peppers, chives and onions. This cheese is ideal for cheeseboards and tapas and on sandwiches, and it can be cut with a knife or a cheese slicer.

Vossarøykt kvitost

Vossarøykt kvitost from Voss Handverksmeieri is made from local milk from Voss and hand-smoked over alder chips. Vossarøykt kvitost is a firm white cheese with a mild, smoky flavour, smooth consistency and light, smoke-coloured rind.