Too much of a good thing

This is the year in which we have all truly realised how important climate and sustainability are. 2018 is a year that we must look back on when adopting a long-term approach.

After two years of unusually high levels of precipitation and extreme drought, the climate risk has been well and truly placed on the map. Consumers, customers and authorities are increasingly asking questions about society’s ability to cope with climate change. TINE earns its keep by processing milk to create various dairy products, and major climate change will have a severe impact on food production. This means we have a strong vested interest in helping to bring about sustainable use of the Earth’s resources and limit climate change. The future winners will be those who develop and produce products and services in a manner that is both responsible in a global social and environmental context, as well as profitable. Our goal is financial and sustainable value creation where we contribute positively to our environmental and social surroundings. This is what we call sustainable value creation at TINE. This report provides more information about how TINE works with sustainability and the results we have achieved.



Bjørn Malm – Head of Sustainability